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God Encounters

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Join the
Route 66 Bible Study.

Interested in studying the Bible? We are journeying through Scripture together, one book at a time. We’d love for you to join us, even if you aren’t a member of Westlake. If you’ve never read through the Bible before, or if you’re a Bible-reading veteran, you’ll find our trip through the Scriptures a fun and fascinating time of learning about our wonderful God.

We’ve got a Bible discussion group to fit just about every schedule. So why not check it out? It’s never too late to hop on board and head on down God’s Route 66.


About Us


In John 8, Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Later, in His last teaching to His disciples, Jesus said plainly, “I am the Truth.” Knowing Jesus is the only pursuit worth undertaking. Here at Westlake, it’s our passion. That’s why everything we do is centered around knowing Jesus and making Him known.



As a congregation, we are small, but we are mighty! We love our community, and we love to reach out and bless others whenever we have the opportunity. We are currently involved in a wide variety of ministries—from local service at the food pantry and soup kitchen to specialized projects of service around the world. We desire to serve God wherever He opens a door!


Worship at Westlake—it’s not your grandmother’s worship! Don’t get us wrong; there are many aspects of it that may seem “traditional” at first, but we guarantee you’ve never experienced anything quite like it. If you’re curious to discover what God Encounters is all about, we invite you (as Jesus often did) to come and see. Join us and experience the life-changing difference of truly putting God at the center of worship!



One of the aspects of worship we love the most is music—and all kinds of it! We use a lively blend of classic hymns and modern praise for our God Encounters services. And to that we add choral music of all genres sung by our chancel choir, sparkling songs played by our handbell choir, and meaningful vocal solos from other artists throughout the year. We enjoy a rich musical program you’d only expect to find in churches many times our size. If you like to sing, you’ll love worship at Westlake!


While I am with you,
I resolve to speak
only of God—
who He is and what He does.

—Paul (1 Cor 2:2)



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