Route 66: The Father Road

A journey to find the picture of God
in all 66 books of the Bible.



Why not spend some time journeying toward the heart of The Father? As a congregation, we’re studying the Bible together, one book at a time, and you’re invited! You don’t have to be a member of Westlake to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to read through the Bible personally and discuss it with fellow God-lovers. You may have been to lots of Bible studies where there wasn’t much discussion, just one person doing most of the teaching… but not this study! We love all kinds of questions, comments, and ideas!

Here’s how we’re doing it:

1) READ. Check the calendar and open your Bible to the book we’re currently reading. Set aside a daily time for reading, and read as much as you can of the book each day. Read the book through as many times as you can within the designated period. Once you get to the end, go back and start over at the beginning! The more times you can read the book through, the better! The key to discovering many of the “hidden gems” is in the re-reading, so don’t be afraid to keep diving in!

2) THINK. Our primary question to consider as we read is: What is the picture of God presented in this book? What does He look like? How does He act? Along the way, of course, many other issues are coming up in our reading and questioning, but our primary goal is to eventually discover what all 66 books of the Bible say about the kind of person our God is. Feel free to jot down thoughts, observations, and questions as you read. You’ll want to have plenty of ideas to…

3) SHARE. No matter how far you get each week, no matter how many times you’ve read the book through, plan to pop in to one discussion group (or more, if you like!) each week. Enjoy sharing your perspective and encouraging each other in the journey. Not only will you make friends for life, you’ll come closer to the heart of your heavenly Friend as well.

4) QUESTIONS? Drop us a line here or, better yet, drop into a discussion group!


where are we discussing?

  • Sundays @ 11:30am, Westlake

  • Thursdays @ 3:00pm, Westlake

  • Fridays @ 7:00pm, contact us for location

what are we studying?

  • ACTS: Jun 3-30

  • ROMANS: Jul 1-28

  • 1&2 THESSALONIANS: Jul 29 - Aug 25